9+min! amazing SunKong Red Copper Fidget Spinner

1. SunKong Red Copper Spinner. $24.99

Please See the my review of SunKong Spinner that can last 9 min!

Sunkong made couple of the spinners, I picked the Pink Red Copper that is similar to my Tyzest and Samshao spinner.    Looks like their Hybrid ceramic ball bearing is superior (see below).  It has asymmetric bearing with admixture  hybrid ceramic bearing with high precision CNC red copper.     None of my other spinners even come closer to the whopping 9 min.

The Copper is very shining and has good weight feeling on your hand.

SUNKONG Triangle EDC Hand Spinner Fidget Toy
Body material: 100% high quality copper.
Bearing material: Hybrid ceramic balls and stainless steel body.

Antiqued Bronze: 3.0cm/0.7cm
Mimi Style: 2.6cm/0.7cm
Steel-ball Embedded Style: 3.3cm/0.85cm
Bright Copper: 3.1cm/0.5cm
Wine red: 3.1cm/0.5cm
Pinwheel: 2.6cm/0.7cm

Weight: 2 5/8 oz

See the Video below

Additional Images of Sunkong spinner

Break down of Sunkong Spinner Image, you can get yours today at the below link: http://amzn.to/2osCcG0




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