Battle of twin Tyzest fidget spinner with 5 to 6 min spintime

Tyzest Red Copper Fidget Spinner 

Please See the my review of Tyzest Fidget Spinner Spinner that can last 5 to 6 min!

Tyzest has been a consistent contender that produces good result.  Even they are slower than chillax and Sunkong.  It provide a good quality and spintime for reasonable price.   I also bought the same design from different companies, and thought they are all coming from the same manufacture in china.  But when I opened up the center.  each of them are all different, and that’s why they have different spin time.  They just look alike from otuside!

One is very shining and one is all rose gold color

See the Video below

Additional Images of Tyzest Spinners

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