Different type of fidget spinners and review

It is spreading like wildfire and it is the new craze among kids and adult.   It is the new rubber band and rainbow loom in the school all over again, all the kids have one on their hand to help them focus.

The purpose of the fidget spinner is to basically fidget.  People fidget with pens, pencils, their nails, and more.  The fidget spinner is created so the person has something to fidget with instead of their nails.  It has the same purpose as the fidget cube, but the spinner is quieter and more fun to spin around your fingers.

Fidget spinner consists of a center mass with ball bearing mechanism from skate board with different materials, and have outer counterweight or bearing on the outer-ring to balance and keep the spinner going and hence fidgeting.  Some spinner runs very quiet and will not disturb your surrounding that you are fidgeting.

There are many fidget toys on the market and we are focus mainly on the fidget spinner. Fidget dand spinner come in all shape, size and material, and the price range from $1 to over $200+ in amazon.  You can even order the custom CNC made from Etsy.com!

Below is a the list of spinners that are in the market so far and how they perform in real life from our review video below.


  • Plastic & 3D Printed
  • Aluminum
  • Steel metal
  • Stainless Steel:
  • Titanium
  • Brass/Zinc
  • Copper
  • Other Metals

Shapes and sizes and top vendors

They come in different shape and sizes to fit different needs. Majority of them are either bi-spinner or tri-spinner.  There are some integrated the LED lighting to spinner to added the extra effect.

  1. Bi-spinner
    • Wefidget
    • ikeer spinner
    • Nomad
  2. Tri-spinner
    • Tyzest
    • Chillax
    • Sunkong
    • Timi tree
    • Aspung
    • OHQ
    • and others
  3. Quad-spinner
    • Dragonspinner
  4. Rounded
    • Shield shape
  5. Odd shape/Custom
    1. Axle by Defender brands
    2. Starss Spinner
    3. Animation character shape

Bearing and craftsmanship

Not all spinners are created equal.  This is what determine the spin-time and noise level of the spinner.    With precision CNC craftsmanship and top quality bearing mechanism.  Some of the spinner can last from 1 to 9 min and spin very quietly in the reviews below.  Material difference will only determine the longevity of the spinner.

Review of different material fidget spinners spin time and craftsmanship


Test of  different material fidget spinners noise level.

different material, shape, and craftsmanship of the spinner will determine the noise level for the spinner.


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