Top 20 Staff picked and reviewed Best and coolest fidget spinners 2017 on amazon

Below are the best of the best fidget spinners that we reviewed so far and picked the top 20 that are our favorite and reason why we picked them.


top 20

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1. #1 Gold True Spinners $35.99

One of our new favorite and New generation of spinner in May 2017. it is very stylish and high end looking (similar to Ilovefidget and Angry-wolf spinners).  It is heavier (3.15oz) than traditional metal spinner like Tyzest and Sunkong (2.4oz), that might give them an edge on the spin time.

  •  Super shining gold stainless construction
  • Very quiet
  • Spintime up to 9+ min
    • (one of the 2 spinner that can reach 9 min)
  • nice weight balance
  • stable, and no wobble
  • High built quality.
  • Weight: 3.15oz
  • Nice Tin case with logo

2. Sunkong Spinners $24.99

One of our all time favorite with consistent performance around 7+ to 9+ min. It is made from high quality copper (pinkish) with asymmetric 606 hybrid ceramic bearing.

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Can spin up to 9+ min !!

  • Hight quality construction
  • makes light noise.
  • (one of the 2 spinner that can reach 9 min)
  • Unique asymmetric hybrid ceramic ball bearing
  • Pure Pink Copper
  • Very good value and quality after coupon code
  • Weight 2.4 oz

    See our detail review here

3. Chillax Spinners $19.99

One of our all time favorite with consistent performance around 6+ min.It is made from high quality ABS with r188 bearing.  Most of the plastic spinners are made from inferior mold with visual cutline or rough edge.  This one is smooth feeling in hand, and feel high end.  You can use the coupon code SPINIT15 to save 15% off now.

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  • One of our all time favorite
  • Great ABS construction with superior R188 fast bearing
  • spin 5+ min!  (normal tri spinner can spin 2+ min)
  • come with extra rubber band
  • Weight: 1.55 oz
  • red bearing outside ABEC-7

See our detail review here

 4. Samshao Rainbow (Titanium Alloy) Spinners $16.99 -$19.99

  • Great price $16.99 to $19.99 (amazon price varies every day)
  • Great spin time 6+ min
  • Quiet and stable
  • Great built quality
  • Cool light effect when spin and rainbow color
  • Hight metal construction (titanium alloy)
  • Made or carried by reputable Company Shamshao

5. Tyzest Copper Spinner $29.99

  • Good spintime (5-6+ min)
  • great copper one piece metal construction
  • expensive for the design
  • weight: 3.0 oz

6. Sunnytech Black Stainless Spinner . $29.99

  • Cool Black stainless Steel spinner
  • Good spintime 4+ min
  • Give nice pattern when spin
  • Nice tin case
  • Light
  • Quiet

7.OHQ (Only High Quality) Premium stainless steel spinner $45 

  • Very High end Premium stainless construction
  • Last for 3+ min
  • Virtually silence. Super Quiet when spin
  • No wobble
  • very shinning and feel good with weight distribution in hand
  • Expensive
  • weight: 2.35 oz

8.Starss teardrop Stainless Steel Spinner . $37.99

  • Very stylish and good looking spinner.
  • Great construction with stainless steel one piece
  • unique teardrop shape.
  • Large cap wtih convas
  • quiet on table. wobble a little when turning
  • Normal spin time 2-3 min
  • very hard to find (rare)
  • Good weight distribution, no wobble
  • Weight: 3.10 oz

9. Tegion Fly Wheel Spinner $12.99

This is a very lightweight all purpose spinner. The inner construction is black plastic. but metal brass on the outside.

  • Very quiet
  • spin time 5+ min
  • budget friendly $12.99
  • cool wheel design

10. Dragon Spinners 4 Winged Brass Spinner   $39.99

Very good construction/design brass spinner with good package and spin time. You can remove the arm with hex tool. this is not a 1 piece construction.

  • Unique design
  • Expensive
  • Quiet
  • Brass construction
  • removable arms with tool

11. Savfy UFO Spinner $14.99 to $19.99

  • Great value  $15+ that looks like $100
  • Good construction quality
  • quiet with 606 bearing.
  • Good spintime in Black 5+ min (will test the blue and siliver one shortly)
  • Pure siliver is loud and spin 2 min only 😦 ?
  • smaller than it looks on the picture.


12. Genji Shuriken Ninja Spinner. $4-$10

  • Genji, Genji and Genji Ninja spinner!
  • only spin 20 sec
  • cool metal construction
  • Not very safe for kids
  • Come with Silver or Gold

13. Vodora blue aluminum spinner $14.99

  • One of the quietest spinner we reviewed so far 
  • Great price for $14.99 with aluminum construction
  • cool blue color
  • good quality construction
  • no prime shipping

14. Meecoo Titanium Spinner $26.99 – $30

  • Titanium Construction
  • Small and compact
  • Unique design
  • Affortable Titanium spinner
  • ok spintime and stability

15. Nubarko Titanium Spinner  $35

  • TC4 Titanium and Brass with precise CNC process
  • 2 kind spin pattern swirl and ripple wave effect
  • light and stable and quiet
  • ok spin time (3 min+ average on all titanium spinner)
  • High Quality construction

16. Captain America Shield Spinner $10 to $15

what can i say.  IT IS CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD!  Love it. 😀

  • Unique design and looks exactly like captain’s shield.
  • Quiet (depends on bearing you used)
  • Light
  • Spintime 2+ min
  • Good construction with Aluminum alloy 1 piece CNC body


17. Alquar Pure Copper Spinner $34 – $39

  • Unique design
  • Hight quality Copper one piece construction
  • Ok Spintime
  • Nice Package and PU carrying case
  • extra bearing
  • Stable and no wobble

18. FQ777 Blue (red) Aluminum Alloy 6 arms spinner $10-$15

  • very customizable (arms are removable)
  • lightweight
  • Cool Color (Black, Red, Blue, Pink)
  • loud when spin (you can replace with quieter bearing)
  • Aluminum Alloy construction
  • Affortable

19. Wefidget Blue mini bar spinners $25

  • Very Compact and stable
  • Quiet
  • Great built Quality
  • Long Spintime

20. Angry-Wolf Premium Stainless Steel Spinner $36

(not in stock till 5/24)IMG_3579

  • Great built quality
  • Good weight balance in hand with 3.15oz weight
  • Long spin time (up to 9 Min)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Quiet
  • high end looks and feel
  • Very nice designed tin case

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