Best Fidget Spinners Deals on Amazon (Updated Daily 7/21/2017)

iSPIN $9.99

This is the original iSpin from Indegogo.  was $24.99, now is $9.99 (authentic seller is spinner4u)

They also have 6 different total style now, and all of them are on sales now. 😀

Original is butterly smooth and quiet. Don’t settle for fake and clone!


Video Review:



Crusader $4.99


Our latest review:

1. Samshao Rainbow Spinner for $5.59

Great Built Quality with CNC Brass Cap. Average spin time 6+ min with R188 bearing.

Was $15

Video Review: 

2. Sunkong Copper Spinner $12.50

Our Best Spinners that can spin for 6+ min. it is used on almost of my video!

Original sale for $24.99

Video Review:

3. Samshao 6 Side Rainbow $8.99

Great Built Quality, Removable arm to varies customization.  Smooth and Quiet and balance on hand spin.  Great Weight distribution and no wobble.

Video Review

3. SunnyTech Black Panther Stainless Steel Spinner $4.99 Prime

Stainless Steel, very high end Built Quality.  Good Spintime and quiet.


Other Great Sunnytech spinners Onsales now

Stainless Rainbow $4.99

4. Savfy UFO Spinner . $10.99 Prime

Vide Review

5. OUUO Stainless Steel $5.99

Minimalist design. Good Spin time. Stainless Steel construction. Quiet and balanced.

Video Review

6. DueBel Star and Ballers $5.99

Quiet and have good spintime. ABS material and removable steel balls

Video Review:

7. Samshao Copper Spinner $4.99

Video Review:

PWNAGE CLOVER Fidget Hand Spinner Meditation Focus Gear Gyroscope (SILVER) $15

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