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Below is the list of the spinners reviewed:

17 #1 Chillax Black/Red Spinner $19.99 

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  • One of our all time favorite
  • Great ABS construction with superior R188 fast bearing
  • spin 5+ min!  (normal tri spinner can spin 2+ min)
  • come with extra rubber band
  • Weight: 1.55 oz
  • red bearing outside ABEC-7
  • See our detail review here

2. #1 SunKong copper Spinner. One of our all time Champion.  $24.99

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Can spin up to 8+ min !!

  • Hight quality construction
  • makes light noise.
  • Unique absymetric hybrid ceramic ball bearing
  • Pure Pink Copper
  • Very good value and quality after coupon code
  • Weight 2.4 oz

    See our detail review here

1. Ezoon red aluminum alloy spinner $15.99  

Very Light weighted Red Aluminum Spinner

  • Come with PU leather pouch.
  • Made some Aluminum grinding noise, but is quiet in general
  • unique design
  • it is red

3. OHQ (Only High Quality) Premium stainless steel spinner $45 

  • Very High end Premium stainless construction
  • Last for 3+ min
  • Virtually silence. Super Quiet when spin
  • No wobble
  • very shinning and feel good with weight distribution in hand
  • Expensive
  • weight: 2.35 oz

5. Starss double pronged

Discontinued (Take picture)

6.  SUNKONG  Mini Style Spinner $24.99 

  • Compact size
  • one piece metal construction
  • Sunkong Quality ceramic bearing
  • good weight balance
  • No wooble
  • Weight: 2.5 oz
  • a little bit loud

7. White Chillax Spinner $19.99

  • small fast r188 bearing
  • spin up to 5+ min
  • come with extra rubber band
  • Great Customer Service
  • come in Black/White color
  • Black one sometime spin longer than white one?
  • Weight: 1.55oz

8. 7D fidget spinner $11

  • Very unique design
  • Look 3D printed on the cap
  • 4 identical bearing (center too)
  • big cap with canvas feeling, good to hold
  • Quieter than other tri-spinner
  • Does not offer Amazon Prime Shipping.
  • Stable

9. SamShao Copper Spinner $19.99 

  • Look identical to Sunkong but spin less
  • same price or more expensive than Sunkong without code
  • has a signature logo name on cap
  • bright pink sparkle box
  • little big cheaper than Sunkong

10. Starss teardrop Stainless Steel Spinner . $37.99

  • Very stylish and good looking spinner.
  • Great construction with stainless steel one piece
  • unique teardrop shape.
  • Large cap wtih convas
  • quiet on table. wobble a little when turning
  • Normal spin time 2-3 min
  • very hard to find (rare)
  • Good weight distribution, no wobble
  • Weight: 3.10 oz

11. KomVox Black Aluminum alloy spinner  $14.99

  • Compact light weight aluminum construction
  • cool blue color with red cap
  • loud spinner compared to Timi tree
  • Weight: 1.20 oz

12. Tyzest Rainbow spinner $28.88

  • Unique design with rainbow outer bearing
  • gold metal construction, one piece
  • Tyzest quality?
  • come with Tyzest paper box
  • good spintime 5-6 min
  • weight: 2.10 oz
  • stable
  • some metal grinding noise

13. Feibi Aluminum/Zinc Alloy Fingertip gyro Hand spinner Toy Hand Spinner Finger Spinner Fidget Spinners Gyro EDC Focus Toy (Silver-one cent)

  • silver one cent outer bearing
  • Unique design
  • Metal Aluminum/Zinc alloy construction
  • Weight: 2.20 oz
  • real penny
  • loud

14. 2017 Green Dragon Spinners $14.99

  • dragonspinners brand
  • normal spintime/performance
  • expensive for normal spinner

15. Shanhai Blue Aluminum alloy spinner $7.89 (might be fake)

  • Bought a fake one for $8 without shanhai logo
  • very quiet
  • durable lightweight blue aluminum construction
  • very good price
  • super quiet like Vodora.
  • darker blue color

16.Timi tree blue aluminum spinner . $12.99 to $15.99

  • Light weighted aluminum construction
  • one piece metal
  • very quiet
  • compact
  • variety of color (grey, black, blue)
  • weight: 0.9 oz

18. Hysada Spinner Fidget Toy, LED Fidget Spinner Focus Toy Pure Aluminum High Speed Spins Helps Focusing for Anxiety Stress Reducer Relieves ADHD ADD Autism Adult Children, Black  $19.79

  • Motion detected LED light
  • Bad spintime
  • Loud
  • Wobble
  • Not recommended

19.  OptimumBrands premium fidget spinner


20.Dragon Spinners 4 winged brass spinner $39.99 

  • Very cool 4 winged / cog / gear design
  • heavy
  • top metal construction (brass)
  • expensive
  • less quiet
  • removable arms with tool
  • stable. no wobble
  • Weight: 3.35 oz

21. Tyzest Copper Spinner $29.99

  • Good spintime (5-6+ min)
  • great copper one piece metal construction
  • expensive for the design
  • weight: 3.0 oz

22. Sunkong Antiqued Bronze Spinner $24.99

  • Sunkong quality product
  • cool stubby looking (antiqued bronze)
  • ok spintime
  • one piece metal construction
  • Weight: 2.4 oz

23.Wefidgt bar spinner . $24.99

  • Mini bar design with variety of colors
  • little wobble, but very stable on your finger.
  • super quiet
  • expensive than other same design
  • super compact and stable
  • Good weight balance. Weight: 2.00 oz

24. Vodora blue aluminum spinner $14.99

  • One of the quietest spinner we reviewed so far 
  • Great price for $14.99 with aluminum construction
  • cool blue color
  • good quality construction
  • no prime shipping

25. Gorilla Fidget spinner $21.39

  • good ABS plastic design
  • unique design
  • loud
  • bad spintime
  • Expensive for plastic spinner
  • 2 piece plastic construction
  • weight: 1.70 oz

26. Starsprairie Hand Spinners Fidget Toys Relieve Anxiety Stress and Increase Hyper Focus for ADHD ADD Kids Adults Aluminum Alloy (Black) $12.98 . 

  • Compact
  • All Aluminium construction
  • light weighted
  • Loud with steel ball
  • Wobble
  • weight: 1.00 oz


Different type of fidget spinners and review

It is spreading like wildfire and it is the new craze among kids and adult.   It is the new rubber band and rainbow loom in the school all over again, all the kids have one on their hand to help them focus.

The purpose of the fidget spinner is to basically fidget.  People fidget with pens, pencils, their nails, and more.  The fidget spinner is created so the person has something to fidget with instead of their nails.  It has the same purpose as the fidget cube, but the spinner is quieter and more fun to spin around your fingers.

Fidget spinner consists of a center mass with ball bearing mechanism from skate board with different materials, and have outer counterweight or bearing on the outer-ring to balance and keep the spinner going and hence fidgeting.  Some spinner runs very quiet and will not disturb your surrounding that you are fidgeting.

There are many fidget toys on the market and we are focus mainly on the fidget spinner. Fidget dand spinner come in all shape, size and material, and the price range from $1 to over $200+ in amazon.  You can even order the custom CNC made from Etsy.com!

Below is a the list of spinners that are in the market so far and how they perform in real life from our review video below.


  • Plastic & 3D Printed
  • Aluminum
  • Steel metal
  • Stainless Steel:
  • Titanium
  • Brass/Zinc
  • Copper
  • Other Metals

Shapes and sizes and top vendors

They come in different shape and sizes to fit different needs. Majority of them are either bi-spinner or tri-spinner.  There are some integrated the LED lighting to spinner to added the extra effect.

  1. Bi-spinner
    • Wefidget
    • ikeer spinner
    • Nomad
  2. Tri-spinner
    • Tyzest
    • Chillax
    • Sunkong
    • Timi tree
    • Aspung
    • OHQ
    • and others
  3. Quad-spinner
    • Dragonspinner
  4. Rounded
    • Shield shape
  5. Odd shape/Custom
    1. Axle by Defender brands
    2. Starss Spinner
    3. Animation character shape

Bearing and craftsmanship

Not all spinners are created equal.  This is what determine the spin-time and noise level of the spinner.    With precision CNC craftsmanship and top quality bearing mechanism.  Some of the spinner can last from 1 to 9 min and spin very quietly in the reviews below.  Material difference will only determine the longevity of the spinner.

Review of different material fidget spinners spin time and craftsmanship


Test of  different material fidget spinners noise level.

different material, shape, and craftsmanship of the spinner will determine the noise level for the spinner.


Battle of twin Tyzest fidget spinner with 5 to 6 min spintime

Tyzest Red Copper Fidget Spinner 

Please See the my review of Tyzest Fidget Spinner Spinner that can last 5 to 6 min!

Tyzest has been a consistent contender that produces good result.  Even they are slower than chillax and Sunkong.  It provide a good quality and spintime for reasonable price.   I also bought the same design from different companies, and thought they are all coming from the same manufacture in china.  But when I opened up the center.  each of them are all different, and that’s why they have different spin time.  They just look alike from otuside!

One is very shining and one is all rose gold color

See the Video below

Additional Images of Tyzest Spinners

9+min! amazing SunKong Red Copper Fidget Spinner

1. SunKong Red Copper Spinner. $24.99

Please See the my review of SunKong Spinner that can last 9 min!

Sunkong made couple of the spinners, I picked the Pink Red Copper that is similar to my Tyzest and Samshao spinner.    Looks like their Hybrid ceramic ball bearing is superior (see below).  It has asymmetric bearing with admixture  hybrid ceramic bearing with high precision CNC red copper.     None of my other spinners even come closer to the whopping 9 min.

The Copper is very shining and has good weight feeling on your hand.

SUNKONG Triangle EDC Hand Spinner Fidget Toy
Body material: 100% high quality copper.
Bearing material: Hybrid ceramic balls and stainless steel body.

Antiqued Bronze: 3.0cm/0.7cm
Mimi Style: 2.6cm/0.7cm
Steel-ball Embedded Style: 3.3cm/0.85cm
Bright Copper: 3.1cm/0.5cm
Wine red: 3.1cm/0.5cm
Pinwheel: 2.6cm/0.7cm

Weight: 2 5/8 oz

See the Video below

Additional Images of Sunkong spinner

Break down of Sunkong Spinner Image, you can get yours today at the below link: http://amzn.to/2osCcG0




Top 5 Longest Spintime Fidget Spinner 2017 from Amazon

Here is my review of the Top 5 Spinner that last over 5+ min

1. SunKong Red Copper Spinner. $24.99

8190yKsYB1L._SL1500_Sunkong made couple of the spinners, I picked the Pink Red Copper that is similar to my Tyzest and Samshao spinner.    Looks like their Hybrid ceramic ball bearing is superior (see below).  It has asymmetric bearing with admixture  hybrid ceramic bearing with high precision CNC red copper.     None of my other spinners even come closer to the whopping 9 min.

The Copper is very shining and has good weight feeling on your hand.

2. Chillax. $19.75


This spinner can last from 4 to 7 min, and come with free rubber band.  It is a tri-spinner made from molded.  I am fortunate to get a one last over 7 min, and tt beats out all of other spinners I got from amazon even with $70 price tag.  It runs

Use code: SPINIT15 to get 15% for your purchase today!

3. Tyzest Copper Spinner. $29.99


This Pure Red Copper Metal spinner come in 2nd place in my review with solid metal and very quiet.  The shape is a rounded tri-spinner in pinkish color.  all the construction is top quality with good fit and finish.  all angle are polished and smooth.  Some of them comes with gold cap and some has pink cap.

4. Samshao Copper spinner $19.99

71EPorzlaNL._SL1000_This one is red copper like Tyzest but from different vendor. the vendor printed the name on the spinner. and come with golden center cap.   Box is a recylced paper case with good padding like Tyzest.  spintime is around 5+ min and very close to Tyzest.  The material looks the same but it has square edge.  the Bearing made all the difference, a good spinner has either admixture ceramic bearing or some sort  hybrid ceramic bearing.

5. Tyzest rainbow Pure Aluminum Spinner. $32.99



This pure Aluminum gold Rainbox outer bearing is a beauty, Tyzest produces pretty good quality metal spinners, and the craftsmanship is very good.  It can last for 6 min.





My other review video below

9+ min best fidget spinner review with Sunkong and others

#1 Chillax Fidget Spinner with 6 min+ spin time

1. Chillax. $19.75

Please See the my review of Chillax Spinner that can last 5 to 7 min spintime.

This come with White or Black.  with green rubber band.  Construction is pretty good with modded plastic and their logo on the center.   all the pieces are smooth and spin very quiet.

Most of them can last over 4 min+ and some even go up to 7 min.  Mine runs around 7+ min most of the time.

Use the coupon code: SPINIT15 to get 15% of your purchase today! 

See the Video below

Chillax Image Gallery:


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