Top 5 Longest Spintime Fidget Spinner 2017 from Amazon

Here is my review of the Top 5 Spinner that last over 5+ min

1. SunKong Red Copper Spinner. $24.99

8190yKsYB1L._SL1500_Sunkong made couple of the spinners, I picked the Pink Red Copper that is similar to my Tyzest and Samshao spinner.    Looks like their Hybrid ceramic ball bearing is superior (see below).  It has asymmetric bearing with admixture  hybrid ceramic bearing with high precision CNC red copper.     None of my other spinners even come closer to the whopping 9 min.

The Copper is very shining and has good weight feeling on your hand.

2. Chillax. $19.75


This spinner can last from 4 to 7 min, and come with free rubber band.  It is a tri-spinner made from molded.  I am fortunate to get a one last over 7 min, and tt beats out all of other spinners I got from amazon even with $70 price tag.  It runs

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3. Tyzest Copper Spinner. $29.99


This Pure Red Copper Metal spinner come in 2nd place in my review with solid metal and very quiet.  The shape is a rounded tri-spinner in pinkish color.  all the construction is top quality with good fit and finish.  all angle are polished and smooth.  Some of them comes with gold cap and some has pink cap.

4. Samshao Copper spinner $19.99

71EPorzlaNL._SL1000_This one is red copper like Tyzest but from different vendor. the vendor printed the name on the spinner. and come with golden center cap.   Box is a recylced paper case with good padding like Tyzest.  spintime is around 5+ min and very close to Tyzest.  The material looks the same but it has square edge.  the Bearing made all the difference, a good spinner has either admixture ceramic bearing or some sort  hybrid ceramic bearing.

5. Tyzest rainbow Pure Aluminum Spinner. $32.99



This pure Aluminum gold Rainbox outer bearing is a beauty, Tyzest produces pretty good quality metal spinners, and the craftsmanship is very good.  It can last for 6 min.





My other review video below

9+ min best fidget spinner review with Sunkong and others

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